For a safer, stronger,
and more prosperous Kenosha.

“I love Kenosha. That’s why we chose to make it our home, start a family, and raise two children here.

As your Mayoral candidate, I have three goals:
Keep Kenosha safer by making public safety a priority. Make Kenosha more efficient by focusing on better technology and customer service. And make Kenosha stronger by investing in every neighborhood across our city.

Kenosha has a vibrant past and an exciting future, but to get there Kenosha needs a leader who is ready from day one. I believe I have the leadership, experience, and integrity to make Kenosha even better for all of our citizens.”


David Bogdala

Key Issues of Importance for all Residents:

David Bogdala speaking to Kenosha residents
David Bogdala supporting Kenosha
David Bogdala with the Kenosha Fire Department


District 17 Alderman – 15 years
Water Commission – Chairman
Public Works Committee – Vice Chair
Storm Water Utility – Member
License and Permit Committee – Former Member
Finance Committee – Past Chairman
Community Development Block Grant – Past Chairman
Home Commission – Past Chairman
Technology Committee

Accomplishments as Alderman:

  • Implemented first-in-state Lead Pipe Replacement Program
  • Installed first Life Rings along Kenosha Lakefront
  • Co-authored Strategic Plan for Police and Fire Departments
  • Fixed faulty FEMA Floodplain Maps, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars
  • Created HELP Loan Program for code enforcement improvements
  • Implemented change to city’s Snow Plowing and Overtime Policies
  • Re-surfaced 104th Ave. and received approval for Whitecaps Re-surfacing Plan
  • Protected and improved access to citizens’ input at City Council meetings
  • Protected Kennedy Drive from removal
  • Expanded the city’s curbside yard waste pickup
  • Updated the city’s website for streaming and archiving all Council and Committee meetings
  • Voted to expand polling locations to ensure greater voter access
  • Strongly encouraged early voting to give everyone the ability to vote
  • Championed extended early voting hours to allow everyone, regardless of working hours, the ability to vote (Kenosha is one of few cities that has this and we will continue!)
  • Protecting and Promoting Greater Ballot Access to Ensure Our Democracy Remains Strong
David Bogdala Mayor - Button




  • Role Models: My parents; both went back to school to get their degrees and still made time for family trips and fun!
  • Most frightened by needles and Friday the 13th.
  • Favorite Movie Actor: John Wayne
  • Favorite Movie: Beverly Hills Cop
  • Favorite Quote: “Character is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking” – J.C. Watts
  • Enjoy spending time with my family at our cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin.